Smoked Almonds


I’ve had a lifelong love affair with smoked foods, and one of the closest to my heart is the smoked almond.
I remember when they came in a can, with a ring pull top, and we would fight over who was going to open the can, because, apart from the thrill of hearing the vacuum expel, it meant the first handful of that smoky deliciousness.
On the rare occasions my father would head into ‘Town’ as we called it, he would invariably return with bagfuls of nuts from the hot nuts counter at Myer (yeah go on, smirk away, that’s what it was called back then) usually cashews, sometimes macadamias and always smoked almonds.
What a treat I thought, still do, and I’ve passed on this love to my daughters, so the competition for them is still fierce in our house!
Recently I’ve been buying them from a small smoker who sells his wares at the little Mornington Farmers’ Market, so they’re once again a regular feature in our house.
By all means enjoy them straight from the bag, but here’s another couple of ideas we’ve been loving recently.

-Chop them and sprinkle over or through grain salads to add a smoky crunch, sometimes we do the same with an iceberg salad and add a little grated sharp cheddar as well.
-Replace the walnuts in a Waldorf salad with chopped smoked almonds, delish!
-Replace plain almonds with smoked when next you make a Dukkah, it becomes a spicy smoked delight
-Stir chopped smoked almonds into a Labna, it creates such a moreish smoky Labna that is AWESOME on cumin roasted carrots.

So go on, get hold of some, and try these ideas!