Roasted Autumn Vegetables


Autumn vegetables are so wonderful. Not only are they good for you, (I mean we all know about the eating the rainbow), and they fill that brief perfectly, but they are so easy to prepare, and delicious!

I got this haul from my local Farmers’ Market, but any good greengrocer will stock similar produce.

There’s no right and wrong here, no particular measurements, just what you could find, and feel like at the time.

Ok, there is one rule; any greens on the radishes, turnips, carrots and beetroot need to be well washed, and used in the dish. They’re highly nutritious, and taste wonderful too.

So wash all your vegetables well, I used heirloom baby carrots, radishes, mixed baby beetroots and baby turnips. Slice the carrots in half lengthways, 1/4 the turnips and beets, halve the radishes, then toss the lot in a generous tablespoon of olive oil, salt pepper and spices ( only if you feel like adding them)

Roast at 200C, shaking the pan occasionally, until they’re all cooked through.

Meanwhile, wash the greens very very well, drain then roughly chop, and saute in olive oil, with a crushed garlic clove, until wilted, season.

To serve, spread the greens on a large warm serving platter and scatter roasted veg over the top.

This dish is fabulous with a bbq, roasts, or just as is maybe with the addition of a cooked grain and dollops of hummus.