IN SEASONS: Jerusalem Artichokes


Jerusalem Artichokes or as they are now becoming known, sun chokes, look a lot like ginger root, but are a delicious tuber, a good source of fibre, folate and potassium.

Use them to make a gorgeous, creamy soup; start (as always) with a chopped onion and some garlic,  sweat that down and add scrubbed and chopped chokes, plus one unpeeled and chopped potato, cover with chicken or vegetable stock and simmer until tender, stick blend, season and serve, if you’ve got some chives, snip them and garnish.

They also make a divine puree to serve alongside panfried lamb straps or chicken, simply scrub and slice chokes, barely cover them with milk, and some thyme leaves and simmer until tender then puree and season.

And they’re very content to be raw too, but because they discolour when cut, make sure you have some lemon juice on hand to toss them in as you go. Peel and finely slice the chokes using a mandoline/Japanese slicer, toss in juice as you go, them dress with extra virgin oil, season, add the same amount of sliced fennel (save the fronds to toss through the salad), apple and radishes, and you have a lovely salad that goes so well with any cooked fish, but is also gorgeous as a base for some finely sliced raw tuna or salmon to make a seriously impressive and easy entrée!