In Season – Lamb

Spring lamb, it’s the quintessential Aussie favourite, and when it’s a good season, the prices are great too.

For a super quick lamb meal, use backstraps. They cook in a few minutes, and are lean AND tender. I’ll sometimes crush some garlic, add juice and zest from a lemon, plus a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, then gently warm this mix. Quickly panfry or bbq the seasoned backstraps, then add to the oil mix and cover with foil to rest. After 5-10 minutes resting, slice the lamb and pour the juices over. Serve with a cannelini bean(from a can, just rinse well), tomato and herb salad…… quick was that?

At the same time spring lamb is here, so too are globe artichokes, and slow roasting a shoulder or leg of lamb with some canned tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice, stock, anchovies plus prepared artichokes (or bottled) is a great no-fuss way to feed a crowd. And lamb mince koftas (footy shaped), perfumed with middle eastern spices, are a gorgeous quick dinner paired with a tahini yoghurt sauce, and a  freekeh (or barley), tomato and onion salad.