In Season: Fennel


Along a railway line near my home, grows wild fennel. I head out with a bag and forage this from around October until it goes to seed in Autumn. The fronds are the only bit you can eat, chopped and mixed through your spanokopita or gnudi mix, or to garnish a chicken braise, you won’t believe the gorgeous flavours. Have a look on your next walk. (links to recipes and maybe my pic of wild fennel)

Add fennel to your next slaw, and don’t ever let me catch you throwing out the fronds! Added them too. Finely slice the fennel,roughly chop the fronds, add finely sliced red and green cabbage and some julienned carrot.

Dress with my basic vinaigrette.  To make it super special, lightly toast some fennel seeds in a pan and toss them through too.

I dare you to try this with my roast pork belly!