In Season – Citrus

What a great fruity family this is, so much a part of everyone’s lives, from a glass of juice in the morning, a portable morning tea, the classic netball/football half time pep-up, to hopping into a glass with some Aperol or Campari to finish the day.

Regular and blood oranges have a natural affinity with fennel, so shave some fennel, add citrus segments, a little finely sliced red onion, perhaps some black olives, then serve alongside some roasted or bbq chicken.

Or zest a mixture of citrus; think lime, lemon and orange, then stir an equal amount of salt into the zest, and store in the fridge for a lovely citrus salt to accompany raw fish or beef, or sprinkled on cooked fish and seafood. This salt is also AMAZING when used to rim your margarita glass!