In Season – Cauliflower

Hands down one of my favourite vegetables, cauliflower loves fennel, cheese, Indian flavours, Middle Eastern flavours, Mediterranean flavours, and they all love the cauliflower.

So try cutting a cauli into florets and tossing with some olive oil, cumin seeds and cumin powder, or in a mix of tandoori paste and yoghurt, then roast at 200 C until tender.


Make cauliflower ‘steaks’ by cutting thick, say 1cm, slices, brush with olive oil, season with salt, pepper, maybe some smoked paprika,  and roasting or carefully bbq them.

Or make a cauli and fennel soup by chopping up a cauli plus a couple of fennel heads, reserving the fronds, then sauté some onion and garlic, add the cauli and fennel then just cover with either chicken stock or water, and simmer until tender. Stick blend, season and serve, with the fronds chopped up as garnish.

All cauliflowers are delicious, but the purple is the prettiest!