IN SEASON: Broadbeans


Broad beans are back too. What I love about them is they are truly seasonal, apart from spring, you can only find them frozen. We grow a lot of them, actually, they pretty much grow themselves, so early on  in the season we’re eating very tiny ones simply podded and steamed with a splash of the greenest, grassiest extra virgin olive oil around.

As the season progresses, and the pods are bigger, I start to double peel them;

Fiddly? Yes

Time consuming? Yes

Worth it? YES

So, after podding, steaming and peeling I’ll either serve the broad beans with more of that wonderful oil, plus some finely sliced red onion, some fennel fronds, and either good quality tinned tuna or some lovely long ‘peelings’of pecorino.

Or I’ll roughly mash the double peeled beans, stir in some great ricotta, some parsley, salt pepper and a hint of lemon zest, and serve this on chargrilled Italian bread that’s been rubbed with raw garlic and drizzled with, you guessed it, that grassy oil.