blanched green beans

Here they are, the real things; spring beans.

For something really different, try ‘frying’ green beans in a touch of olive oil, on a slow heat, for about 20 mins, shaking the pan occasionally, add a chopped clove of garlic and a handful of sesame seeds for the last minute or so, toss in some chives off the heat, and you have a delicious side dish to any meat.

I love using what I call my ‘Granny slicer’, it’s that little tool that all our grandmothers had, that stringed and sliced the bean at the same time. I like to ‘granny slice’ a big pile of beans, then gently sauté them with a little oil, garlic and very finely sliced onion, for about 10 minutes, then I add some julienned preserved lemon, and use this as a base for a panfried or baked piece of white fish, it’s a lovely gentle, delicate dish, perfect with some boiled new potatoes, plus maybe a little salad of halved cherry tomatoes with parsley and chives.