IN SEASON: Asparagus


Another seasonal beauty, have you ever seen it grow? My father grows it, and you can glance at it at dusk, then come back in the morning, and see how much it’s grown! It’s wonderful.

Asparagus likes to be cooked using the same slow frying method I mentioned with beans, but asparagus is best friends with another of my darlings; eggs.

A yummy salad is steamed asparagus tossed in just a liitle grassy olive oil, then fry up some very coarse breadcrumbs you’ve made from stale sourdough, add some garlic as the crumbs are getting brown, sprinkle this over the asparagus. Grate a hard boiled egg over the top and serve as is, or glam up for guests with some peeled prawns tossed with the asparagus.

I sometimes make a very special fried rice using chopped asparagus, chunks of fresh salmon, and eggs, it only needs spring onions, ginger and garlic, plus a red capsicum to get another colour in there! For 4 people, a 300 g piece of skinned salmon is enough, so it’s pretty economical too, and I serve it with wok tossed chinese vegetables, plus maybe a bowl of steamed silken tofu, delicious.